Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Music download prices could be going up

Music download prices could be going up: "According to industry sources, the current wholesale per-track price of around 65¢ was set at that 'low' price to stimulate demand."

Ah ha... now we have a price to work with. Apple's music store is making a profit (or breaking even) earning $.34 per download. That's fascinating. I wonder how that 34 cents per song gets spent.

Also.... the fact that the music industry is raising their prices is fascinating. What are they doing that worth so freaking much per song... oh yeah, they own the copyright...

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OmegaStation said...

I thought of something when I read about this potential raise in prices. Right now as it stands (taking iTunes as an example) your average 10-track album costs $9.99. A lot of their albums cost that much, and they make it a point to point this out. If they raise their prices, it would have to be by a mall amount. People would'nt buy an album that had 10 tracks for $20, would they? They'll have to establish some new baseline. I'm guessing $1.49 at the most...

It is very interesting to think of how Apple splits that $.34 up.

Also, really stoked to hear your EP. REALLY, capital R.