Friday, September 09, 2005

iTunes feature request

You know what would be handy? To be able to separate the contents of the iTunes library from their reviews. Here the use case.

My wife and I share a library of music. We both want all the music available to use on our home computer, but our preferences are different so we need to be able to set our own ratings for songs.

Both OSX and XP support a type of user switching so there no reason it isn't theoretically doable right?

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Anonymous said...

this is mr. lamp (ben)

i suppose it would be. i did see a rating system on there but i didn't know how it was determined. i thought it was done with the number of times you played the track (of course there is a most played playlisting so nevermind).

i would give it a try, if it doesn't, time to send a user citing at the apple dev team so that they can blacklist you.