Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Microsoft Live Spaces Sucks!

I wanted to post a comment on Kevin's blog.

First I had to create a new live account. The UI for creating a new user is horrible. Every time you move to a new section of the screen it adds some "helpful" information to the page, that not so helpfully moves the current dialog boxes around. So the process consists of: first dialog box, enter value, wait for page to redraw, search for box you just clicked on, verify that input is still valid, enter value, tab to next dialog, next dialog moves, scan page for cursor, try to enter value again, rinse, repeat.

Once I got signed in, I was finally able to post a comment. But when I clicked the add button, nothing happened, so I clicked it again. Still failure.

This was an awful experience. All I wanted to do was post a simple comment about how cool Dirty Jobs is. Very simple. I guess not.

UI Design is very important. Micrsoft missed the mark big time on this one. And, they did it to me the very first time I used their service. I'm not sure I will bother going back. I'm pissed.

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