Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I fixed myspace

Using the firefox browser, here is what you can do to fix myspace.

Open Preferences
Content tab
Under Fonts & Colors choose Colors
Uncheck "Allow pages to choose their own colors instead of my selections above"

You'll have to recheck the box to view the internet as normal... I wonder if there is a way to force that selection only for specific domains (www.myspace.com)


OmegaStation said...

Using an awesome extension called Greasemonkey, you can install a script that forces every profile to be like the default profile.

Greasemonkey is awesome in and of itself anyways...

Try it out!


The script:

gwen the monster said...

and by "fix" myspace you mean "make more monotone."

i agree, the banners, scrolling text, pictures-as-backgrounds and bad colour choices can be tedious and LAME. but man are you grumpy :D
haha, i love you.