Sunday, October 08, 2006

movie and moving

Thom Yorke's solo album is pretty sweet. Currently listening to Black Swan.

We just had some folks over to watch labrinyth. Pretty sure I'm spelling that right... could be wrong though... who knows.

Tomorrow we'll probably have lunch with Ken Maiuri, which should be fun. I'm pretty tired now though... bed will be good.

Oh and I bought some long sleeve shirts at road runner sports for fall running. I ran 5.6 miles today (rough estimate) and it took just over 1 hour. It was a very nice jog. I was going slow enough that I could enjoy the run, but it was still tiring.


Brian said...

5.6 miles? I am thoroughly impressed, and starting to feel a little bit lazy.

Gary Owen said...

I've noticed that my left knee has started to ache a little bit. I think it might be runners knee, which means I need to get into the gym and do some quad exercises.