Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If only we'd spent another week on testing...

I don't blog very often... I feel as though I've lost my blogging ways.... there's only so much technology to complain about. Or at least, complaining about it doesn't help much.

I want an iphone. The iphone would mean I'm no longer using my Treo 700. That would make me happy.

My Treo makes me unhappy. I recently updated the firmware, which only took about 2 days to finally get figured out (4 hours to complete the update, 8 more to figure out what to reset to fix all the remaining issues). I found myself wondering why all technology is broken.

I told Gwen that someday we will destroy ourselves... not because of global warming, or the energy crisis or something so complicated. Someday we will hook something up. Something broken... and we'll hook it up to something important... and that important thing will do something we don't expect. Maybe it will launch a nuclear device. Maybe it will shut something important down. I'm not sure what exactly will happen. But I'm convinced that someday we'll say...

If only we'd spent another week on testing, we wouldn't have destroyed humanity.

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Brian said...


This reminds me of when I went to see the new Die Hard movie, and the bad guys will reroute major utilities and stop lights and all kinds of stuff with a simple GUI interface.

Reality would be more like a bunch of nerds sitting at a command line for weeks and then routing it all the wrong way. And when the boss asked what's wrong, they'd give a cryptic response containing a bunch of abbreviations.

That's not as dramatic, though.