Friday, October 01, 2004

RE: Is It Just My Imagination?

Are inkblots meaningless smears of ink, or the secret key to your personality? Though most psychologists no longer use inkblots to determine the twists and turns of your psyche, sometimes they pay attention to the stories you tell yourself about the blobs.

[Via Microsoft Research News and Headlines]

It's good to see researchers looking into technology that can be used to make our computer systems more secure. They bring up a good point that is discussed in many different places. The user is sometimes the most hackable part of a security system.

It would be interesting to take this study and create a threat model. Come up with some varying ways to attack a system that is secured using a similar method. In the article they discuss how, even is people see the same type of object in the inkblot, they will describe it differently.

I suppose if a system like this was implemented, the people with the greatest creativity would have the strongest passwords.

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