Wednesday, December 22, 2004

tecosystems: Crazy like a Firefox?

tecosystems: Crazy like a Firefox?

Indeed, it just might buy the PR breathing space needed to allow the IE team to do what it seems they have do - tear IE apart and start fresh.

Just what the browser market needs... another company attempting to rewrite it's product from the ground up (*cough* netscape). Does that mean we'll have to wait 2 years before we see version 8 of IE (well if the next version is bundled in longhorn they might as well... they've got the time) ;-)

Maybe that's how things work in the browser market.

Netscape chooses to rewrite their browser.
Firefox is born (eventually)
Microsoft decides to rewrite IE
Open Source IE is born (eventually)
Mozilla decides to rewrite Firefox
FirePanda is born.....

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