Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blogging the EP: Stats 'n Status

I don't know if I've talked much about what's actually going to be on the EP. So I'll give a quick run down.

It will be five songs, about 22 minutes in length. All the recording and programming done in Protools and Reason. The final mixing and mastering is being done at soul kitchen studios.

Release date should be sometime in mid April. Mark at soul kitchen is out of town this week and so we're taking a little break from mixing the CD until next week. But hopefully next monday I'll have a good feel for much is left to do.

The first CD run will be about 100 cds. We'll be using a CD duplicator that can print on the CDs and burn them. So we should be able to have color on the CD. We'll be using full jewel cases, and producing the inserts for them. Not sure what paper we'll use. All those materials will be factored into the Per CD cost. Once I know those numbers I'll feel pretty confident setting a price for the CD.

How much does a 5 track single usually go for these days anyway?

I haven't decided yet if we're going to put the CD up on the website before we have CDs ready, but probably not. Haven't decided how to handle online ordering yet. Maybe I need to get setup with paypal so I can take orders that way. Karen used that to setup the online order system for the COTA CD so I can ask her how well that has worked out.

Oh yeah, the website. I gotta at least get some static content up there.

Oh yeah, the name.

We are Let's Go and the EP will be titled on with life. (We reserve the right to change the title)

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