Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Music: Non-profit

Had an idea the other day. What if the music distribution system was setup as a non-profit. Seems like that might change things a fair bit huh?

I think I like this idea because it puts the focus of the system back onto the artists. The goal isn't to become fabulously wealthy off of this "brilliant" business strategy (I suppose the brilliance is open to debate ;-) ), but to facilitate creative musical expression, something I think is cool and important.

I would get a kick out of making the system go, and by making it a non-profit, artists wont have to worry that someday the system will be sold to Microsoft of Sony or some other organization that doesn't have their best interests in mind.

So, who's interested in donating to the non-profit? :)

Paul Allen loves music doesn't he? Maybe he'd like to see a system put together that encourages creativity and independence in music. ;-)

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