Friday, October 14, 2005

Firefly (aka best show ever)

Brian and I are watching firefly tonight. We saw the movie on opening day, I had seen the series first, Brian hadn't so we're catching him up.

I think this was the best show ever.

If you like any kind of sci-fi at all you should watch this.

Here is a good review of the movie Serenity (firefly movie) by Orson Scott.


OmegaStation said...

Bah! I wish I had TV! Does the movie make any sense if you haven't seen the show??

Gary Owen said...

Yes it does. Brian watched it without seeing the TV show and is now pretty interested in the show itself.

If you've watched the show you care a lot more for the characters, which makes the movie more enjoyable.

OmegaStation said...

Sweet! I love a good sci-fi. I just hope seeing the movie doesn't turn me into a HUGE fanboy, and make me go do something stupid like buy cable. Off to read the review you linked to!

Gary Owen said...

Buy Firefly