Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why is iTunes better than Windows Media Player

Which is easier, hitting the space bar, or hitting CTRL+P. What's harder, hitting F10 or Ctrl+Up.

It's the little things sometimes. If I alt tab over to iTunes it's really easy for me to pause the current song by hitting the space bar, unlike windows media player which requires Ctrl+P. Volume control is also easier in iTunes because I can use Ctrl+Up or Down to change the volume.

I'm sure I could come up with a bunch more. Maybe I should point WiMP at my itunes directory and just try switching for a little while... course then I would have to give up podcasts... I wonder how good WiMP would be at syncing up to my ipod nano...


OmegaStation said...

I don't think I've ever listened to music on WiMP, unless by accident. I like iTunes too because you just need to push one button to advance a track, and pressing the right arrow makes a lot more sense than c or b or whatever it is in Winamp. No clue what arcane button pushing you have to do in WiMP.

PS I saw your bro this weekend!

Gary Owen said...

I don't like using itunes all the time though because it's really slow to start up. Typically I leave my file associations setup for WiMP because it loads faster, but I maintain my library in iTunes.

I wish iTunes would put it's minimize, maximize, and close buttons in the standard location though. Or at least move the close button out so that if I click on the upper right hand corner of the screen itunes will close (when maximized).