Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blizzard and Bittorrent

So it's interesting that Blizzard is distributing World of Warcraft via bittorrent. Interesting in a "it doesn't really work" sort of way. After waiting half an hour to download 13 megs of 3.6 gigs I thought... hmm, maybe this isn't working so well.

I guess I'll just get a physical copy instead of waiting for the massive download.

If they have given me some tweakability I could've setup the bittorrent client to some known good settings. As is I was uploading more than I was downloading, which is fine and all, except I don't really feel like paying for Blizzard's distribution costs.

1 comment:

Toby said...

Giving WoW a try, eh?

Look me up on Daggerspine, name's Rhemus.

Hope you are well...