Wednesday, June 22, 2005

EP Downloads

Just checked the stats for June.

29 | /letsgo/downloads/01%20Ashes.mp3
17 | /letsgo/downloads/02%20For%20Household%20Use%20Only.mp3
16 | /letsgo/downloads/03%20Home.mp3
12 | /letsgo/downloads/04%20Sister_Brotherhood.mp3
13 | /letsgo/downloads/05%20The%20Grand%20Finale.mp3

Ashes takes the lead with 29 downloads from June 1st through June 21st

Here are the same stats from May.

83 | /letsgo/downloads/01%20Ashes.mp3
56 | /letsgo/downloads/02%20For%20Household%20Use%20Only.mp3
55 | /letsgo/downloads/03%20Home.mp3
57 | /letsgo/downloads/04%20Sister_Brotherhood.mp3
41 | /letsgo/downloads/05%20The%20Grand%20Finale.mp3

The downloads appear to be slowing down. Perhaps we should restart the advertising in ernest (after the website update of course).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary-

Well I know I've been trying to direct people to the music. Don't forget that all doesn't take into account the burned copies being distrubed (legally under your license no less). I've sent out a few on board the ship here. Kudos on the project. I'm excited to see how far this goes.