Monday, June 20, 2005

Paypal and an EP progress report

I've been hestitant to start really promoting the CD online until I get paypal setup on the website. For some reason I just haven't been super motivated lately.

Here's what going on though. We've sold about 42 of the original 50 cds that we produced. So next we're going to do another run of 50-100 cds. Then get paypal setup on the website. Then I actually want to start the online "advertising" in ernest. Hit up the online groups that I know. Flesh out the last bits of the website. Print up some new handout sized flyers that I can give to people who show an interest in the music. Send a promo copy to KEXP. etc... etc...

I think spending so much time making the CD has got me all burned out on it. I'm finally picking up some steam again though.

1 comment:

OmegaStation said...

Once this new rollout happens, I will give you plugs on my multitude of blogs.

Good good work. Soon enough, I'll be able to just come over and pick up a copy! ^_^