Thursday, June 30, 2005

M-Dollar: Microsoft kicking Claria's tires?

M-Dollar: Microsoft kicking Claria's tires?: "there is a US$500 million offer on the table, despite a large amount of internal debate at Redmond about the wisdom of picking up the company formerly known as Gator."


Gator was my first experience with adware. I almost installed it several times without knowing what it was, but since I didn't know what it was I didn't every click yes to any of those popup windows.

This has gotten me thinking about google's "don't be evil" policy. I need to strike up a conversation with Phil about not doing evil. Evil seems like a tricky concept in philosophy and theology. I wonder if it's more clear from a business perspective.

If Microsoft goes through this acquisition how will they reconcile their anti-spyware stance with a new product they've acquired (is Gator or the next incarnation of it still out there?)? Can adware ever be considered not evil. Many consider it evil today... who decides whether it's evil or not?

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