Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some cool blogs

Usually I link to other people when they have something I want to comment on. I thought I'd devote a post to just listing a few blogs that I'm finding to be good reads .

Gretchen Ledgard's Jobs Blog: A good look at recruiting at Microsoft. She usually has something interesting to say about the world of recruiting talent.

Josh Ledgard: Josh is doing some interesting things to get the community at large involved. I especially liked his reader rewards program.

Mark Cuban: I don't always agree with Mark Cuban (and I don't really care about basketball), but he gets points for being pretty pointed in his criticisms of the RIAA and the like.

Joel Spolsky: A must read for anybody in the software industry.

Project Aardvark: It's been fun to watch the interns at Fog Creek build some new software. I definitely want to see how this product turns out. The fact that Joel can set these interns up to succeed speaks volumes about his skills as the head of a software company. I wonder if Joel is trying to build a visionary company or if he just happens to be a visionary leader. Will Fogcreek software produce more Joel Spolsky's?

Scoble: Also known as "never miss another blogging related piece of news ever".

Wil Wheaton: Cause it's Wesley Crusher! ;-) Actually Wil is just an interesting person. His posts are almost always a good read on several levels.

Those are my must reads at the moment. (except that Josh has been posting a bunch of stuff about the MSDN forums that doesn't interest me)


Anonymous said...

Josh here! Thanks for the mention. I feel like I'm some sort of A-List blogger to be mentioned with the others there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoa. I can't believe I was listed in the same list as Wil Wheaton. Awesome. :) (Seriously, awesome. I love Wil Wheaton's blog!)

Thanks for the mention!!

Gary Owen said...

That's the nice thing about blogs. Everybody is just a list in an aggregator. Nobody's voice is louder than the others, just that some people are more likely to be listened too. That's the criteria I used to build this list.

I looked through RSS bandit and highlighted the blogs that would cause me to say "oh, better stop and read what they said". I've been trying to recruit some people for work so Gretchen's blog has been quite interesting. Josh's Read Rewards program and the community effort to create the team's logo were pretty cool I thought. There are a couple of other MS bloggers that I've read pretty religiously, such as Kevin Schofield and Dare Obanasjo but they weren't on the front of my must read list when I created this post.

Kevin doesn't seem to keep up as much, and Dare always has very interesting stuff to say, but sometimes he's a little wordy and quotes too much so it's hard to get through some of them.