Monday, July 10, 2006

Josh Ottum

Josh Ottum is the shiz. Gwen say him at the Sunset Tavern on friday (or so) and picked up his "Big Red EP". It's super great and awesome. I don't think it's available in stores, but it should be.


Joel said...

You are an unstoppable blogging force! All of a sudden. (PS: I like Josh's music too.)

gwen the monster said...

he probably shouldn't sell the big red ep in stores because the stick of gum in each jewel case would get very stale and probably people would associate stale gum with the cd.

Joel said...

i got nathan the mr pleasant III CD for his b-day a year or 2 ago, and the gum was REALLY hard and crunchy. I don't think anyone ate it. To quote Milhouse, "Ow! I cut my cheek!"