Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Doc Searls

Shawn is under the impression that Doc Searls works in our building.

Linux Journal is up on the 5th floor (of which he is a contributor) and we just had a UPS guy come in here asking about where the Linux Journal offices were cause he had a package for Doc Searls.

Inconclusive yes, but I'm trying to convince Shawn to go upstairs and ask them if he works here.


Doc said...

Are you in the Ballard Building?

Linux Journal's headquarters has been in Ballard for the last few years, and has wandered about in the Ballard Building.

We are, however, in the midst of moving out, and virtualizing the company pretty much completely. Our staff is all over the world... Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, and many places in the U.S.

I'll miss the old headquarters, because it gave me an excuse to come to my favorite part of Seattle.

Alas, however, I live and work in Santa Barbara. When I'm not travelling.



Gary Owen said...

Yes we are in the Ballard building. Our company actually moved into the old suite that Linux Journal was using (the big office on the third floor).

I snagged a couple of their old "doors turned desks" and am using them in my studio at home as a desk.

Seems like they are some nice folks. Now they're up on the fancy fifth floor, with things like central AC and Heating, and we're stuck down on the lousy 3rd floor with the radiators and in-window air conditioners. :)

Our company is Management Information Tools Inc. currently residing at
2208 NW Market Suite 302