Tuesday, November 02, 2004

not exactly Tron...

I frequently find myself frustrated that life isn't more computerized, even though I'm pretty freaked out that someday technology is going to take over humans in some Terminator3-esque disaster (it isn't a matter of what, or why, or "how do we avoid it?," it's a matter of when- IT'S INEVITABLE!! we're doomed, with the cybernetics and the liquid metal and the glaven-oi they'regonnadestroyus.)

But pretty much every two or three days I experience misplacing something, or trying to remember what someone said earlier, or trying to find a specific phrase from a book or something I wrote down... you know where I'm going with this-

I actualy feel my "command" and "f" fingers twitch in response to the desire to find things. This is especially the typical reaction when I'm trying to find a word or a phrase on a page, or when I can't seem to find my keys. [command + f: "keys"]

Yesterday I lost my wallet. I searched the house over for 3 hours, checked the car about 3 times, dug through pockets, and when I still hadn't found it, I came to the conclusion that I either lost it in a parking lot I had been at earlier, or that it had somehow slipped from my hand into a grocery bag which I later threw away. It was then I imagined what it had been like if I could go to some central storage facility in my home, and get my hands on the "backup wallet" I had made in case I ever accidentally tossed my original.

When I can't remember some piece of information someone told me over the phone, I want to open my email and find the message where s/he had told me that information. But of course, it doesn't really work that way.

I don't live inside a computer (and if I did, surely I'd have much cooler clothing than I do), and while it would make finding things I've misplaced plenty easier if I did live in a computer, I can't help but worry about myself and others like me. Do I rely on computers too much? I'm not talking about relying on computers to take care of my bank account, or to keep inventories at the local grocery store or whatever (that's a whole 'nother topic). I specifically mean- Do I rely on computers to remember things for me too much? To help me find things? Has this dependence taught me that I don't need to remember where I put things? Or that... I don't have to listen to someone the first time, because I can just "check the email" later?

I think I'll start calling people again, instead of just emailing people for everything. Maybe that will help.

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