Saturday, November 13, 2004

Seattle Library

Gwen and I are here at the new seattle public library. Many have posted about it before, but this one is mine.

I really like the feel of the place... modern... kind of like the future of the past.

They have free wi-fi though, which is important. Especially since I don't really have anything I'm looking for. Mostly just along for the ride while Gwen gets some books about some composer or another. I do actually remember which one, but I'm afraid to attempt spelling it. Ah I have an idea. I'll just look at this book sitting next to me.


That wasn't so hard. I hope Gwen's efforts are fruitful. She had a list of about 10 books and so far I'm only seeing one sitting here. Not a good sign.

This isn't a bad way to force me to blog... sit in a room with a bunch of boring books, but internet access. ;-)

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