Saturday, November 13, 2004

The ReplayPC

Gwen and I just got done with the lacey brown show, and we're sitting at home watching the simpsons. First of all, ReplayTV (or tivo) is the best invention EVAR! When I watch TV I watch what I want, when I want. :)

The latest addition to the setup is my old desktop that has been turned into a replay server using DVArchive. The latest version of DVArchive is great. The web server functionality makes this whole thing work. I have a box running windows XP hosting DVArchive.

The machine in question is a 1.2 ghz Athlon with 512 megs of ram and a 80gig hard drive.

A major factor is the fact that you can stream shows from the replaypc (as I've taken to calling it) to the replaytv. I set up a couple of channels to automatically get moved from the replaytv to the PC.

The next step in this process involves windows media encoder and my ipaq. :-)

I've downloaded videos to my laptop and encoded them at a bitrate compatible with my iPaq, then taken them down to the gym and watched them instead of whatever is on the tvs downstairs. I'm hoping to automate the process and punch a hole through my router so I can download them at work and put them on my ipaq. I'll never be bored at the gym again. :-)

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