Saturday, November 13, 2004

How to read blogs

This is a post for those who are reading my blog and would like to do so more effectively.

It is possible for you to visit this web site daily, or every other day, or weekly, and pick up the latesting postings that I've made. This unfortunately doesn't scale as well as some new beautiful technology called RSS. RSS is a format used to publish the contents of a website (laymans terms here). This site has an RSS feed which publishes the title and contents of every post I make. This is the link rss feed

On my PC I use an open source piece of software called RSS Bandit to "subscribe" to feeds published by certain websites. This lets me go about my daily business and when RSS bandit detects there is a new posting it let me know. I can then go through and quickly see all the new posts that have arrived since the last time I looked. This way I can subscribe to many many blogs, and read them in a relatively short amount of time. It's much more efficient than navigating to each website to see if there has been a new posting since the last time I looked.

For those on the mac you might want to check out News Fire. I haven't tried it yet, but it's free, so it doesn't hurt to check it out.

More details:
RSS feeds are actually specially formatted XML documents that RSS readers will periodically poll to see if there is new content listed in the XML document. My site puts the entire content of the post in the XML document, so you should never have to visit this page to view what I've posted. Just check your RSS Reader to see what the latest crazy stuff I've said is.

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