Thursday, November 04, 2004

Technology Review: Pen Stroke Cuts PDA Web Clutter

Technology Review: Pen Stroke Cuts PDA Web Clutter

This technology sounds very cool. When I originally got my iPaq I thought it would be handy for surfing the net. However, with the small screen size, and with so many websites not designed for small form factor, it just never really "worked". I use my laptop for surfing the net now anyway.

Course I would love to see web designers using layouts that will shrink better. I've taken a stab at this kind of thing before (creating PDA friendly web pages) and it's not easy. But there are web developers out there that are much better than I (I don't consider my self a web designer at all really) that could tackle these problems.

Market's not big enough to warrant attention I guess.... unless those web enabled cell phones become popular.

It's one of those chicken and egg things. Developers don't write for SFF because nobody uses SFF devices to surf the web, and nobody uses SFF to surf the web because it all looks so horrible.

XHTML and CSS to the rescue. :-)

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