Thursday, January 10, 2008

current reading list

I'm currently reading three books

On Intelligence
Smart and Gets Things Done

So far On Intelligence and Foundation are pretty good reads. I've never read Asimov before, and Foundation is turning out to be a good introduction. It's very short but the pacing is excellent, and the storyline captivating.

On Intelligence is non-fiction and much more dense. But it is a good exploration of what it means to be intelligent, and why we've had such trouble creating successful artificial intelligence. Thanks to Nathanael for the gift, it's turning out to be as good as he told me it would be.

Smart and Gets Things Done is really a rehash for me. I've read all of Joel's writings on the subject as they've been posted to his blog, and so far this book is just a collection of those ideas in hardback form. This is a good time for me to be rereading them though.

Matt and I have been discussing reading some other books together so I need to hurry up and finish one of them... probably On Intelligence. I imagine that 1 work related, 1 fiction, and 1 non-fiction book at a time will probably be my limit.

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