Friday, January 11, 2008

one armed life: friday

So far so good today. I used my arm a bunch more yesterday. I actually had it out of the sling most of the day. I don't seem to be any worse because of it today. Still tying my shoes with one hand. Still putting on shirts very carefully, but I was able to hold a few things in my left hand today. That's a step in the right direction.

Some of the discomfort I'm feeling now has to do with the atrophy and tightening of the muscles in my left arm. I'm trying to stretch it out and move it without doing any more damage. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the pain is coming from disuse, or from the injury.

Accomplishment of the day: I'm wearing a button up shirt today. Putting on an undershirt and a button up shirt takes longer than wearing just a t-shirt, but it's not so bad. And buttoning with one hand isn't nearly as hard as it seems like it would be.

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brian said...

Glad to see things are getting a little better. Stay strong.