Saturday, January 12, 2008

one armed life: saturday

Things are getting a bit boring... no new things going on today. Arm is a bit sore, but it's hard to tell why. I think I'm going to try and do a bit more every day, little by little and when it hurts to much, stop.

I'm very anxious to get back into physical activity. Maybe early next week I can start riding stationary bike at the gym.

Oh, I did get about 10 hours sleep last night, which is unusual. I usually wake up after my pain killers wear off, which is about 5 hours. I woke up this morning and took my 800mg of advil and was able to sleep for a few more hours.

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Toby said...


Glad to hear that the healing process is underway. Thank you SO much for the neural network story yesterday, it made my day!

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

We should get together sometime!