Monday, January 03, 2005

Denial and Television 2.0: Quotes from The BitTorrent Effect (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Denial and Television 2.0: Quotes from The BitTorrent Effect (by Jeremy Zawodny): "Not enough people have been thinking about Television 2.0."

Jeremy is hitting on the issues I've been thinking about for a while. What is music, television, and movies 2.0 going to look like.

Hopefully the brain storming that I'm doing on this blog will make some progress towards what the might look like.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. There are a few things that need to be addressed though. The author of articles like these always starts with the assumption that everyone using a service like that is also a techno-geek. I don't mean to use that as an insult, but those in the tech community need to realize that 95% of the market has no idea what bittorrent is, or most of the other technology involved. They also don't care about DRM unless it inhibits their fair use. Apple's example is so successful because everything is easy. If you asked the average itunes store user what the encryption scheme was for the songs and what the restrictions were, I bet they wouldn't have a clue, but they would tell you about how cool it was that it goes straight to their ipod when they plug it in. And I would tell you how cool it is that I don't need to go to a CD store while I'm here at work. Buying albums online is a huge plus for me.

Gary Owen said...

Good point.

The underlying technology isn't important to the person using the system. They care about how solid the implementation of the technology is.

I think what you're pointing out is an interesting difference between those who create software (or anything complicated really) and those who consume it. Creators tend to think from the ground up (how will I build this) and consumers think from the top down (how do I use this).

It's important to have both sides involved with the design of a solution.

Perhaps I should spend some time thinking/blogging about what a successful "experience" would be.