Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Existing (non system) Artists

In order to make the meta-data in the system work, we would probably need to allow for reviews and ratings for music not in the system. The fact that I really like radiohead and basement jaxx is probably important to somebody who wants to know whether they would like the same music as me.

I don't think there are any legal reasons that wouldn't work. We could simply define artists and music that is "outside" the system, but allow users to rate it and use it in creating genres.

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Joel said...

CD Baby does something similar to this. You might want to check out their site for a good example of a grassroots indie music distro site that seems to "work."

They have a feature that basically says "type the name of a popular band here, and we'll recommend some bands that sound like them."

I pretty much want to comment on every entry on this thing, but time prohibits me. you are on fire with these ideas. it's really exciting and i'd love to contribute useful comments when i am able!