Monday, January 10, 2005

Producers and Studios

I've identified another area that music labels help out artists. They help connect producers with artists, as well as having access to networks of recording studios and mastering houses.

Recording is being pushed "down" in terms of the initial investment required to start a studio, but the skills are still a pre-requisite.

The system will probably need a way for producers to enter in and offer up their services to those in the system.

I can think of 2 ways to arrange that.

1) Artists use the system to search for producers that could help them with a project. They arrange to pay for the producers service outside of the system.

Or the more interesting one

2) Producers become associated with a song in the same way that an artist is associated with a song. That way, a producer can be paid through the system, using a similar system (with different percentages probably) to how artists are compensated.

Recording studios are a different beast though, because they are typically paid by the hour, regardless of how popular the song becomes. I don't see the system having a huge impact on recording studios, except that it would give them a good networking tool. We will need to figure out whether they should pay for access to the system, or inversely, somehow encourage them to take on projects originating from the system.

That's an interesting viral technique... when somebody from the system records a song in a recording studio, that studio gets listed through the artist.

Just an idea... I think having access to those resources will be a service of the system, and as the system hosts we'll probably have to put some time into finding recording studios.

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