Monday, January 10, 2005

Music: PodCasting defined

I'm starting a new protocol. I'm going to preface any post titles relating to the music system with "Music:" Since I can't setup categories in blogger, this will be the next best thing. If you are only interested in the system, you can ignore anything not prefaced with Music:

Here is a wikipedia link to podcasting for those that have heard me use the term but aren't familiar with it.

Podcasting is the concept I think we could use for music delivery in the system. The system would have a set of heuristics it would use to determine what songs a user of the system would find interesting. And then setup a custom podcast for that user that would deliver music to that users inbox. Podcasting is a good fit from a technology perspective because it gives distribution control to both the user and the producer. Since we populate the RSS feed, we can effectively "push" new music to the client, but at the same time, users could simply disable the client if they didn't want to get new music.

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