Thursday, January 20, 2005

Why we need an iPod competitor | Doc Searls' IT Garage

Why we need an iPod competitor | Doc Searls' IT Garage: "It's a closed system."

Yup. I would love to see a really strong ipod competitor as well. Especially since I'm still brainstorming ways to integrate the system with players.


jon said...

I guess this is a general reply to many of the past posts - and I apologize ahead of time, because I've not read all of them, and I'm sure I'll miss something.

So.. as one person's take on all of this brainstorming, I still can't see a new system that would replace me wanting to buy a tangible piece of music, as opposed to just mp3's. The packaging & artwork I think can be incredibly important - though this is something many record labels seem to have been neglecting for a while - Lex Records is one label that incorporates artwork and packaging so interesting to me that I might even buy their music before listening to it. Vinyl, as well, is still being bought by many.

Has anyone else heard of betterPropaganda ( ? This site seems to incorporate some of what's been touched upon, albeit without as much of the community and artist involvement that has been spoken about.

Also, though I think many major labels are marketing singles more than albums these days - the album, I think, is still very important to those who would consider music reviews before buying/listening to music. I could very well be behind the scene on all of this, but I think there's as much of a movement away from singles and mp3 services (to artwork/vinyl/albums) as there is towards it. Though maybe these don't have to be as opposed to each other as they seem...

OmegaStation said...


Wow, you talk about some damned interesting stuff. I really like your idea of a "system". I've only kind of skimmed your blog, as there is a lot of data to assimilate, but what I have read sounds INCREDIBLY interesting. I tripped upon your blog when I tripped across Gwen's. Hope you don't mind the intrusion.



Gary Owen said...


I'm going to think about your comments... look for a post to them in a couple days. Very thought provoking.


For you to be intruding, you would have to be an intruder, and you are definitely not an intruder. :-)