Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Music Genres

Ok here's an idea.

Who defines music genres? It seems like we all pretty much agree on genres... but who said that if it sounds like X then it's country, or if it sounds like Y then it's electro.

That genre classification only gets you one piece of information. What if we defined genres based on our personal preferences, and the preferences of those we agreed with. Who would be interested in checking out music in the Gary genre, or the Gwen genre.

If we cross-index across those genres we could probably come up with some pretty interesting results.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever clicked around All Music Guide? I feel like their system of network music and artists is very similar to what you've been describing, except they go farther. Not only do they link artists by genre, but they link by similar types of genres and subgenres, similar artists, moods, influences, influenced, and professional connections. And before their redesign earlier in 2004, the site also used to allow users to browse music by finding things that were "darker" or "brighter" or "poppier" or more "cacophonic" - the site would come up with suggestions.

I adore the site.

After friends, AMG is probably the biggest way I find new music through searches for similar artists and influences.

- Jon (aka Uvas)