Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Nuggery: LOTR's Aragorn - Is He "What Women Want"?

The Nuggery: LOTR's Aragorn - Is He "What Women Want"?

Paul D commented that he also did a full day extended LOTRs-athon. And directed me to this interesting article he wrote.

See and I always though that Orlando, err... Legolas was considered "the hot one". Maybe when the teenage girls get a little older they're ready to settle down with Aragorn.... cause he's king and all....

Viggo Mortensen is definitely awesome though. Watching the documentaries I was impressed to hear how quickly he was able to come up to speed for the movies, and how generally likeable he seemed in the interviews and to other cast members.

yeah yeah yeah, LOTRs is good and all that jazz. I'm a geek. Next topic: how Lucas totally messed up Star Wars. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I've asked around, and yeap, the women all think Aragorn is hot. Hadn't considered it before, but that must be cause I'm a guy. So much to be learned from movies.